Monday, September 6, 2010

bronx has fixies too!

hello and welcome

My name is Christian Ashley and i am a track bike cyclist born and raised in the Bronx. If you are reading this, chances are that i have met you in person and told you about this blog or maybe you just stumbled upon this site while fixed gear surfing. Which ever the case, i am glad that you found it. This site is not for me to make a profit in anyway or to start a "crew" or anything like that. I just wanted to find a good way to organize event's with the friends I've been riding with for years and the cool peeps I've met along the way. Things like a good ol fashioned ride, races, chillin, rider to rider bike sales, and all other fixie related events. This is not a solely Bronx fixie blog it's for all of NYC and beyond! The Bronx is where riding all started for me so that explains the name. So yea I'll keep you posted as much as I can peace.

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