Thursday, October 21, 2010

The new guy on the block....

Wassup Riders? Korey here one of the latest writers contributing to BRONXFIXED. 

I've been riding for about a year and some change now but I just picked up on the fixie movement around April of this year. It's a lot different from a regular mountain/bmx bike. Def something you have to try if you haven't yet. I learn a lot of things every week from reading and other riders....It's not that hard to pick up on if you really want to give it a go!

I'll be posting a few times a week, and tomorrow I'll start the  "Latest Pickup" & "For Sale" sections.

And my choice of speed?

Motobecane Fantom Cross Uno

Most of the bike is stock, with a few changes:

-Velocity B43 Rims

-Sugino RD Messenger - 48t - 165mm - 130 BCD

-Continental Ultra GatorSkin 700x23c or 25c

-Track Drops (forgot the brand)

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